Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How To Clean Your Jacuzzi

Cleaning Instructions

  • The water will be drained out the ball valve, situated at the pump system.

  • Make sure the heating element is off.

  • Switch the water jets on by pressing the bellow button.

  • Attach the 50mm PVC pipe into the ball valve, and direct the pipe to where the water needs to be drained.

  • Once the drain pipe has been connected, open the ball valve. The water will start draining.

Cleaning Products

  • Spa tabs will be the only product/chemical used to keep the water clean. Depending on how frequently the spa is used, one chlorine tablet a week will be sufficient. 
  • A filter cartridge installed with the pump system will also filter the water reducing dirt and debris. 
  • After draining the water, methylated spirits is the ideal product to clean the spa with. Once this is done the spa can be filled with water.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Retain the heat in your swimming pool

Did you know that your pool is losing heat?

In our last blog post, we covered a bit on Solar Panels for your pool. Today, we’ll take a look at the revolutionary Bubble / Solar Blanket that helps retain the heat in your pool naturally.

Like solar panels, the bubble blanket is an excellent product to increase your swimming season. Essentially it reduces heat evaporation and saves on chemical and electrical usage.

The bubble blanket can raise the temperature of your pool 5 – 8 degrees Celsius, and in that it has two primary functions: firstly, the bubble blanket acts as an insulator. During cold, windy nights the blanket will insulate the pool, preventing heat loss. The bubble blanket has the ability to keep a relatively constant temperature. Secondly, the water directly below the blanket is heated by UV light passing through the material. The water is distributed through the pool via the pool filtration system, raising the general temperature of the water.

How our pools lose heat:

The surface of the pool gives up heat to wind by evaporation. While the sun is trying to heat your pool, the wind sets up convection currents that steal the same heat.

If you are one of those fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in the home, you will probably look to heat it, so that the pool can be used in all seasons. This is when you need to consider solar blankets for swimming pools so that you can save on utility costs.

Bubble blankets are also referred to as solar blankets, are definitely economical and can help you harness energy from the sun to heat up your cold water. Generally, the blankets look like bubble wrap and can be blue, clear or even silver.
The solar blanket’s lifespan is dependant of variations in the material thickness and construction of the bubbles in the blanket.

When sunlight strikes the water in a swimming pool, it passes right through and is rarely stored as heat. A solar blanket on the other hand will absorb all the sunlight and then pass on this stored heat to the water. While black covers would be most efficient in trapping heat, even the ones with clear plastic do so, quite effectively, because of the bubble wrap construction of these blankets. The air bubbles work as a form of insulation so that the heat that is transferred to the blanket from the sun remains trapped in the pool water.

One problem that many people have with solar blankets for swimming pools is that they need be placed on the water surface when you have finished using it and also removed when you need to use the pool. Because of this hassle many may forgo the obvious advantages that their use does bring. However, help can be had from manual or automatic systems that operate the way a window blind does. When not in use, the blankets need to be kept out of the sunlight.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Extend Your Swimming Season with Solar Panels

We all know that having and maintaining a swimming pool is a big commitment and investment, but most of us stop swimming because the water is simply too cold. The ideal for any pool owner is to be able to use our swimming pools all year-round. While cold water can be enjoyable on hot, summer days – the pool goes to waste during the winter months and we end up not getting the maximum benefits out of our swimming pools.

Solar Panels Gauteng

Techno Solar Panels will change the way you use your swimming pool. Solar Panels are the most effective and economic way to heat your swimming pool. Entertaining guests can be taken to a whole new level of enjoyment. Not to mention that it is environmentally friendly.
Let’s take a look at a few basics:

What is Solar Water Heating?

Solar water heating is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating using a solar thermal collector. A solar water heating system uses energy from the sun to warm water.  The sun’s energy is collected by a panel, which is connected by pipes to a hot water storage device.

The Solar Panels

Techno Spa’s solar panels are manufactured from only the finest materials that are able to withstand the elements in South Africa, including virgin HDPE.
Flow Pipes: made from polypropylene with carbon black added for UV stabilization and black colouring properties. Pipes have to be UV stabilized in order to ensure maximum heat retention from ultra violet sun rays.

The unique design uses the maximum efficiency of the sun. The panel is designed that you get heat from the sun and heat from the roof. This allows the water in the panel to heat up quicker allowing your pool to heat quicker as well.

The Solar Panel Heating Process

The process involves of polypropylene solar panels/solar collectors that get mounted on your roof, in direct position to collect the rays from the sun. The water from your pool is then circulated through these collectors, where it is heated and returned to the pool. The pool pump is commonly used to flow the water between pool and panels.

This procedure should raise the temperature in the pool by 4-6 ⁰C above the usual temperature of the water. Techno Spa recommends using solar panels in conjunction with the solar bubble blanket, a pool over that retains the heat of your pool, keeping the heat from escaping and heating your pool by another 2-4 ⁰C. The greatest loss of heat will occur from the surface of the pool due to the evaporation of heat.

What Influences the Performance of the Solar Panels?

  • ·         Weather Conditions
  • ·         Location
  • ·         Pool Depth
  • ·         Winds

How to use Solar Panels?

·         Don’t run it when you don’t need it.  Especially, don’t run it when you’re out of town, or during the winter months.
·         That having been said, and especially during the swimming season, make sure you run the system for an hour a day in order to flush out the build-up of gunk and keep the system sanitised.


·         An investment – solar heating is affordable, yet the value of your house escalates markedly if such a feature is installed.
·         Environmentally friendly – solar energy is clean energy.
·         Life expectancy of a good quality solar pool collector is 20 years.

Why Techno Pool & Spa?

Value for money. Here at Techno Pool & Spa, we only offer the finest quality products. Where you can indulge in luxury you can afford. Our standing promise is that we will beat any written quote! So pop-in to our office or send us an email, we would love to hear from you. 

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